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The third lite season: we tell you all about the Netflix series

If you have not seen the first or second lite season on Netflix, you are still on time, but you should not continue reading to avoid spoilers On the contrary, if you are up to date with the stories of the students and students of the Las Encinas Institute, you will surely want to know what awaits them in the third lite season.

End of filming

On September 6, 2019 the second season is released, so the protagonists have just finished filming the third – on September 30 -, although they have done it in style. Some have even taken their relatives to the shooting set.

As we have seen on Instagram, the end of filming is celebrated with bouquets and lots of music, thanks to a group of mariachis. This great celebration, however, has raised some suspicions about whether it is the last season of the Netflix series. But don't panic, because there's nothing sure yet.

Release date

Moreover, for not knowing, we do not even know when to launch this third season of lite on Netflix.

Although some rumors already point to the possibility that we will see it in September or October 2020.


We also do not know if the cast that joined in the second season will see some new face or if, even some of the characters of the first and second season will return in the third season.

For example, Jaime Lorente and Miguel Herrn are also immersed in the filming of the acclaimed series.e The Paper House.

But we hope little by little to get more information about the boys and girls of Las Encinas and what is new for us in the third lite season.

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