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The new Apple Watch health and sport challenge arrive on October 14 for Japanese users

In recent years we have been able to see how Apple has been changing the objective of the Apple Watch. The beginning was to sell it as a luxury item, we even had a gold version, but everything turned to focus on the Health and Sport features of the smartwatch.

After organizing the challenge for the Apple Watch in August on the occasion of the anniversary of the Grand Canyon National Park, Apple returns to the load to make us move the ass with a new health challenge for users in Japan. They have called him The Challenge of Health and Sports Day and will begin on October 14. After the jump we give you more details about this new challenge.

First of all, I remind you that this challenge will only be available to users in Japan, although it is not very clear what will happen if we are in the Japanese country on October 14 and we perform the challenge. A challenge we can complete by doing an exercise (of any sport whatsoever) of at least 30 minutes during October 14, day on which Health and Sports Day is celebrated as we say.

On October 14, win this special prize by doing any training for at least 30 minutes. Record your time in the Training application or in any application that adds training to Health.

And best of all is that We will get the medals and stickers that you see in the image that heads this post, some stickers with a amazing design Like everything that has to do with Japanese culture. A new incentive that somehow comes to anticipate the arrival of the next Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the sporting event par excellence in which Apple, without being a sponsor, surely leaves its mark. We will see what surprises us, what is clear is that in Cupertino sports matters.

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The new Apple Watch health and sport challenge arrive on October 14 for Japanese users
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