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The Google app connects you to the dictionary with a shortcut

Google Search has a series of integrated tools, especially when you are searching from an Android phone in your inbox. One of them is the dictionary. When you search for the definition of a word, a dictionary definition automatically appears, collected by Google's own search engine. Even if you write DictionaryGoogle allows you to search for the word you want.

Google Dictionary

Google with direct access to the dictionary

Well, if you are a regular user of the Google dictionary, we have good news. You can havea shortcut to the Google dictionaryon your Android desktop.

That's right, some of the users of the application have stated that they can now put a shortcut to the Google dictionary. This access is a dictionary with the colors of Google, with the Google logo in the lower right.

This way you can access it automatically, and it avoids you having to put definition or dictionary. You access directly and type the word you need and do the dictionary search on Google, in the same way that the built-in app works.

Google Dictionary

Having this access can be used almost as a separate app if you don't need a more specific dictionary. This way you can avoid having some other dictionary applications or definitions and save space on your mobile phone.

In this shortcut the button «Translations and more definitions» disappears and appears directly displayed, and with more options.

The option of having this type of shortcuts is the most comfortable for your phone with Android. If Google is taking shortcuts from its own app you can even create a folder or have on your desktop the ones you use and interest you, in this way you can access more quickly the type of search you usually do.

It is clear that if you do not use the dictionary much or use a specific page such as the SAR, for example, it may not be of special use, but it can be for many other users.

What do you think of this new functionality?