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The best virtual reality devices for all budgets

We have tested the best virtual reality (VR) devices, subjecting them to performance tests, ease of use and other important features to ensure that they are. And it is that virtual reality can have a long way and, although for now nothing beats the Oculus Quest, that does not mean that there are no solid alternatives, especially in different categories, such as mobile devices or consoles.

Oculus Quest

The best ever

best virtual reality devices oculus quest

Why should you buy it? It is an accessible and high quality virtual reality device.

Who is it for? For almost anyone. However, high-level PC players may want to look elsewhere.

Why do we choose the Oculus Quest? One of the biggest obstacles to the adoption of virtual reality is the ease of use. Oculus Quest solves almost all the problems we face for people to buy their own VR devices. It does not require any external sensor, it has the total freedom of movement of six degrees, motion controllers and – best of all – is that it does not need cables that tie you to a PC. Is almost perfect.

The Quest is also designed for easy setup. The "Guardin" boundary designation process is simple and intuitive, and almost immediately you get involved in joyful scenarios that involve removing ping pong balls and grabbing blocks to help new users plunge into the virtual world.

However, they are not perfect, since in some cases we consider that they are not as powerful as those headphones connected to the PC, and their exclusive use of tracking sensors (often called inside-out tracking) means that you can lose sight of your hands if you place them behind your back or get too close to something.

The Oculus Quest is also affordable. While you can get a first-generation Oculus Rift for the same cost with the full power of a modern PC behind it, you don't need to pay for a PC for games with Quest. That, combined with all its innovations, makes it the best VR device you can buy.

HTC Live

The best for PC

HTC Live | The best virtual reality devices

Why should you buy it?It is the best virtual reality device of the moment.

Who is it for? To those looking for a complete virtual reality experience at a good price.

Why do we choose HTC Live? Even with the Vive Pro available, the original device developed by HTC and Valve continues to deliver the most complete and accessible virtual reality experience. The HTC Vive is designed specifically for rooms and has a huge library of games. Most importantly: it is available at an affordable price.

The two OLED screens offer a combined resolution of 2,160 x 1,200 pixels, with a refresh rate of 90Hz and a 720p camera to track and detect obstacles. The device also includes a pair of motion controllers, two headlamp trackers and a pair of headphones.

The tracked space starts at 5 x 6.5 feet (1.5 x 2 meters) and reaches 16 x 16 feet (4.8 x 4.8 meters) with the two sensors. You can walk freely, and even bend over and lean in the corners to see closer. It is incredibly enveloping and avoids previous problems, such as dizziness. Vive motion controllers are intuitive, equipped with a few buttons and a powerful touch panel that allows precise movements and configurations.

The recently announced Oculus Rift S offers the greatest competition to the reign of Vive as one of the best virtual reality devices, but we will not know until we test it.

Oculus Go

The most economical virtual reality device

Oculus Go | The best virtual reality devices

Why should you buy it? It offers an entry level virtual reality experience at an excellent price.

Who is it for?New virtual reality users who don't want to be tied to anything.