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The best iMac accessories in 2019

The best iMac accessories in 2019They are amazing. The Apple iMac line is always an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful desktop computer with an all-in-one design and a high-resolution monitor.

The line has something for each price range, from an entry level version with a 21-inch screen to the first-line iMac Pro.

The best iMac accessories in 2019

Here are several excellent iMac accessories to help improve your computer even more.

The best iMac keyboard:

oneLogitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard

The iMac has always been a favorite of creative professionals, and the advanced wireless keyboardLogitech Craft is a perfect option to help make it even more productive.

You can touch the dial to access context-specific functions for a number of popular programs such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC. For more precise control, you can even rotate the crown. It is also possible to customize the dial for other tasks such as changing browser tabs or controlling media.

Alternative iMac keyboard:

2Macally Bluetooth Wireless Solar Keyboard

You will never have to worry about charging the Macally Bluetooth Wireless Solar Keyboard. This great iMac keyboard option use the light source in the room to keep the built-in battery charged. Fully charged, it can last 150 hours of use in total darkness. To help your fingers and grimaces, the keyboard offers a 10-degree tilt along with non-slip handles to help you stay in a place on your desk.

The keyboard also It has 21 exclusive Apple shortcuts as power, force closure and spotlight. You can select between a gray or silver version of the keyboard.

Best iMac mouse

3Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

The Logitech MX Vertical Mouse puts aside everything you know about the familiar device. The mouse is angled in a natural position at a 57 degree angle. That helps prevent the forearm from twisting and helping to reduce muscle tension while doing your daily work on an iMac. The 4,000 DPI sensor also requires less movement than other options.

The mouse can be connected to an iMac via Bluetooth or a Logitech dongle or with the USB-C charging cable. There are four customizable buttons on the mouse to help integrate it into your daily routine. The battery lasts up to four months on a single charge. And if necessary, a quick charge of 1 minute provide three hours of use.

The best iMac unit

4WD 4TB My Cloud Home Hard Drive

Having a full backup of your iMac hard drive is an essential way to help keep your data safe from the unexpected. The WD 4TB My Cloud Home hard drive It is compatible with Apple's Time Machine backup protocol. And instead of connecting to the iMac, the hard drive connects directly to your home Wi-Fi router. Thanks to that function, you can convert the hard drive into your own personal Dropbox and access the content from any Mac, tablet or smart phone.

As a nice touch, the complementary smart phone applicationAutomatically make a backup copy of the photos or videos stored in youphone.The hard drive can act as a Plex Media server and is also compatible with Google Chromecast and the Sonos speaker.

Better support:

5Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub

Another way to improve the ergonomics of any iMac is with a support thatRaise the screen height to a more natural position. Satechi Type C aluminum monitor stand does that and much more. The compact stand raises the screen almost two inches and closer to eye level.

You can take advantage of a USB-C port, three USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot and an audio connector without having to reach the back of the iMac. The support is even compatible with previous iMac models with an adapter included.

You can select betweena silver color that matches the tone of the iMac or a darker gray space like the iMac Pro.

The best iMac speakers:

6CyberAcoustics 2.1 stereo speaker with subwoofer

A natural way to update your iMac is with an external speaker system; This is why it is one of the best iMac accessories in 2019. The Stereo Speaker with Subwoofer Cyber ​​Acoustics 2.1 does a good job balancing performance and price. Total,the system provides 62 watts of maximum power. Each satellite has dual 2-inch drivers, while the subwoofer helps fill the lower parts of the sound spectrum.

The small desktop control center offers an on / off switch, master volume control, bass volume control, a headphone jack and an audio jack.

Best keyboard

7Twelve South MagicBridge

The Apple Magic Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad 2 are an excellent combination for any iMac user. And the Twelve South MagicBridge wants to make the keyboard and trackpad easier to use.

He lightweight frame holds both devices side by side. You can place the trackpad on the right or left side of the keyboard. A grid on the back of the MagicBridge allows easy access to the power buttons and access to the Lightning charging ports.

Best turntable:

8Rain Design i360 Turntable

Honoring its name, the Rain Design i360 turntable gives any iMac more flexibility. To install the turntable, insert the bottom of the iMac into the swivel base. Then maysturn the iMac360 degrees quickly and easily. That makes it perfect for accessing the ports on the back of the computer or sharing what's on the screen at work or school.

The best iMac printer:

9HP Tango X Printer

This is another of the best iMac accessories in 2019. Even in our digital age, a printer is sometimes a necessity. The HP Tango X printer is made with a computer and smart phones in mind. Instead of a bulky object that takes up a lot of space,The printer is small and elegant and is protected by a cover that doubles as an output tray during use.

When away from your computer, Tango X is compatible withAmazon Alexa, Google Home and Microsoft Cortana, so you can print an item with a simple voice command. It is also easy to print items from an iPhone or tablet. With the application for smart phones, also maysscan and print an item from any placer. If you hate buying ink, an optional monthly subscription service will always deliver ink when you need it.

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