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Spotify tests artist blocking on iOS

As far as music streaming is not a secret that the one who wears the crown is Spotify. And although it has a large number of users who love the platform, sometimes we also feel that it lacks the odd feature to be much better.

Among the complaints that there may be are the large number of ads for users who are not premium that are increasingly hilarious or the fact that the recommendations made by the platform according to our tastes have nothing to do with them. Nobody likes to be recommended a song by El Recodo for listening to Guns N Roses maybe I exaggerate .

Spotify already works to solve this last problem for the other the solution really is to pay the monthly subscription through a feature that has begun to unfold little by little for some iOS users. The new feature allows users to block the content of a certain artist so that it cannot be reproduced in their accounts. Simply go to the ellipsis shown on the artist's page and select the option Do not play this artist.

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This is intended to improve recommendations and of course keep customers happier. At the moment nothing is known about a beta for Android devices or the desktop version, but surely they will also start their tests in the not too distant future.

Are you interested in this new function? Should artists' ads be blocked? Give us your opinion in the comment box, note that it is free.

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Spotify tests artist blocking on iOS
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