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Resale website traffic fell 80% in two months

The effect of advertising on the behavior of users in order to acquire goods or to click on a website is always an open debate, but since advertisers are still betting on it in order to improve their income, it is always concluded that it worked. And that's what happened with Viagogo, according to The Guardian.

Viagogo is a web buying and selling event tickets that Google removed last July from its ads platform worldwide after accusing the website of breaking its advertising standards. Viagogo has been very controversial on the Internet for its ticket resale practices, something that the Football Association and several British record companies denounced to Google.

In fact, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) of that country already I opened legal actions in 2018 against the service, although I withdraw them in September. All this has led to site traffic falling by 80%.

10 million fewer users in two months

Viagogo Resale

Before Google suspended advertising for, the company had 15.3 million visitors globally, according to data from Similar Web. However, in August, the figure was already only 4.5 million users. At the local level, in the United Kingdom, the effect was similar, from 4.5 million in June to 820,000 in August. In summary, they have fallen approximately 80% in both markets.

The Guardian has contacted Viagogo, and the company has told them that they are talking to Google to be allowed to use Google Adwords. Google for its part mentions that appeals against suspensions are made following the procedures of web forms, instead of contact between the companies that claim and Google employees.

Checkmate at Ticketmaster rags: lawsuits in the US and Canad for promoting resale

Regarding how it has affected their operations, in Viagogo they explain that with the suspension they have experienced one in traffic, but since they use more marketing methods they have been able to manage the impact. The CMA withdraw legal action by considering that Viagogo had made changes in its conditions that make the service less problematic for its users, but on this type of websites many critics are falling.

One of its competitors, StubHub, was made in September with hundreds of tickets to a Rosala concert. Ace, worth about 32 euros at the time of marketing, they went on to be worth 70 euros. And prices came like 399 euros for tickets close to the stage, 250 euros nearby, etc.

         Viagogo and the effect of disappearing from Google advertising: resale website traffic fell 80% in two months