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Renegade Elite – Powerful Mini PC with 4-core processor

During the past year, Free Computer Project has offered a number of alternatives to the PCRaspberry Pi 3 Model B lamini. But its new Renegade is a bit different. The Libre / Firefly collaboration shows that the single-board computer, Renegade Elite It includes hexa-core processors, 60-pin headers and USB-C connectivity.

Renegade Elite – Design

For the last time, manufacturers of single-board computers looking for a portion of the “Pi” market, have followed a similar design path, but Libre has chosen to separate by including two 60-pin headers instead of the 40-pin GPIO connection of the Pi. The first is a 60-pin PCI-E expansion header, while the second is configured as a header of "low speed".


The Elite is built around a Rockchip RK3399 chip system, which includes a ARM Cortex-A72 dual-core processor and a Cortex-A53 four-core processor, as well as Four-core Mali graphics.The support comes from a generous 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM.



There are three USB 2.0 Type A ports on the sides, but Libre has also treated this Renegade with two USB-C ports with DisplayPort.In other places, there are HDMI 2.0 Y Gigabit Ethernet, an interface Integrated displayport, an interface eMMC, a real-time clock with battery backup and an IR receiver. And both features Serial Display, Serial Camera and combined DS / CS. However, wireless connectivity was not mentioned in the given specifications.

Renegade Elite – Launch

The Elite can run on Linux or Android operating systems, from a microSD card inserted in the drive slot.At the time of writing, there is no price information available, apart from the confirmation that the mini pc will launch in Indiegogo before general availability in August. Don't expect the Elite to be in the same price range as a Pi, however, those Rockchip processors will surely add a premium.

Renegade Elite – Powerful Mini PC with 4-core processor
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