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pet food and water dispenser

Within the range of Xiaomi gadgets We don't stop seeing all kinds of products. And it seems that the firm wants to make our pets' lives much easier. For this reason, he has just presented two really curious smart solutions as well as useful ones: a food dispenser, in addition to a water dispenser for your animals.

As usual in this type of Xiaomi gadgets, the Pekn-based firm has partnered with the manufacturer Petwant to create a really smart food dispenser. Y Petkit It has been the chosen manufacturer for its new Smart Water Dispenser.

Xiaomi food dispenser

These are the new Xiaomi gadgets for your pets

Regarding the smart food dispenser, say that it has the characteristic rounded design of this type of devices. Nails on dimensions of 305 x 335 x 90 mm and weighing 1.9 kilograms, it is capable of storing 2.4 kilograms of food through its 5 compartments.

All manufactured in ABS plastic to provide this new gadget with great resistance to shock, in addition to preventing flavors in the food of your pets. But how is this Petwant Feeder different from a traditional feeder? Well to start because it has an LCD screen with four buttons.

Smart feeder

Through it, we will have information about each of the compartments, ideal to separate your dog's food like that of the cat. We can also use it to program the time at which the food compartment opens, ideal if you have to Control the diet of your pets.

To do this, the upper part rotates so that the compartment we have selected can be used. We can even use the microphone which incorporates to launch an order of 10 seconds to call our pet and know that you can eat.

Without a doubt, one of the Xiaomi ms tiles gadgets If you have pets at home. More taking into account that it has an egg to insert an external battery so that it does not have to connect this smart feeder anywhere, or its breaking price: it costs 299 yuan, about 38 euros to change.

Smart water dispenser

PetKit Smart Water Dispenser: the best smart drinker you'll find

On the other hand, we have another one of those Xiaomi gadgets that you want to have if you enjoy the company of a dog or a cat. We talk about a water distribution system for pets, which has some very interesting features. To start, it has a system of four filter channels, through which water circulates at all times.

In this way, you should not worry about your pet drinking water with any type of particles. More taking into account its upper grid that prevents the entry of dirt. Incuso has an active carbon filter to eliminate chlorine and microorganisms in addition to improving the taste of water. Does your pet have kidney problems? its initial exchange resin filter eliminates calcium and magnesium, so the water is softer avoiding the dreaded kidney stones.

As if that weren't enough, its W-shaped circuit makes the water constantly spin through the filters, preventing it from stalling. Finally, say that the second of these new Xiaomi gadgets It has an intelligent mode, which makes the water move faster during the day and turn off at night. Its price? 199 yuan, about 24 euros to change.

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