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Pages, Numbers and Keynote receive the arrival of iOS 13 and iPadOS

Productivity applications, today, are essential for an average user who has a device such as an iPhone or an iPad. In the App Store there are many tools and applications that facilitate daily life: presentations, spreadsheets, etc. All kinds of tools for a worker, employee or university can be almost independent without having to take a computer. Apple offers its office suite Pages, Numbers and Kenote, three apps that have updated their versions to receive news from iOS 13 and iPadOS, After the jump we analyze these novelties.

Apple updates Pages, Numbers and Keynote

It's never too late if bliss is good, they say. After weeks with iOS 13 and iPadOS, finally Apple updates the apps in its office suite. These are Pages, Numbers and Keynote, the applications that Apple offers for free to its users. With these applications we will be able to create text documents, spreadsheets and slide shows and synchronize them to even edit them on our Mac or on any computer by integrating with iCloud (web version). These new versions have a central axis: welcome all the news of the new operating systems. In the case of the three applications, these are the main novelties. Although it puts "Pages", the rest of the descriptions are the same oriented to the functions of the app itself:

? Turn on dark mode to highlight your content. * On iPadOS, use Pages in multiple spaces or edit two documents side by side in Split View.

? Compatibility with the new text and navigation gestures edition of iOS 13 and iPadOS. *

? Defines the type and default font size that all new documents created from basic templates will use.

? Use custom fonts that you can install from the App Store. *

? Take a screenshot of a complete document, annotate it and then easily share it as a PDF file. *

? Access files from a USB drive, an external hard drive or a file server. *

? Listen to an audio representation of your graphic using VoiceOver. *

? Add accessibility descriptions to audio, video and drawing content.

? Improved accessibility of exported PDF files.

? Compatibility with videos in HEVC format, which allows reducing file size while maintaining visual quality.

? Select several objects by pressing Shift or Command on a physical keyboard.

Mainly the news falls on the dark mode, in the possibility of handling files via USB, a new manager and navigation between iPadOS and the inclusion of new fonts for projects. The functions in which there is an asterisk, are the only ones that are available only if you have iOS 13 or iPadOS installed.

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