OnePlus camión carga rápida

OnePlus promotes its fast cargo with a curious fire truck

OnePlus fast loading truck

OnePlus present weeks ago its new OnePlus 7T, a smart phone that shares many details with the 7 Pro and that in Andro4all we have already analyzed. But if there is a feature that stands out from the new smart phone is your fast load, something the firm wanted to promote with a curious campaign.

In the city of London, OnePlus has launched a hilarious advertising campaign in which you can see a fire truck with a giant cable, with which they promote the new fast load Warp Charge 30T. All users of a smartphone have experienced that situation in which the terminal does not have much battery and you are not at home.

A situation where you start to turn off Bluetooth, dim brightness and carry out a series of actions to make the battery last longer. If you are in London, you will not have to spend more stress, as OnePlus is carrying out its campaign #WarpChargeSOS, a battery rescue service.

The OnePlus 7T features the Warp Charge 30T

A service that will arrive next October 5 to msterdam and Utrecht, and to do the same on October 9 in Helsinki. If you have little battery and you are far from home, just publish a tweet with the hashtag #WarpChargeSOS in your profile of the well-known social network you will have in your location a this curious vehicle Rescue in a matter of seconds.

The new OnePlus 7T presents the Warp Charge 30T, which gives you up to 70% power in just 30 minutes. This allows that, even in an emergency, the smart phone is completely autonomous in no time. You know, if you have little battery … who are you going to call?

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