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Office is a very important reason to buy the iPad 2018 instead of the new 10.2-inch iPad

ipad office

Apple presented last week a renewal of its iPad more affordable, the new iPad 2019 comes with significant improvements over its predecessor as a larger screen and compatibility with the Smart Keyboard. All this without raising the price, which shows that Apple is still betting heavily on offering an accessible iPad for students, teachers and other users who need so much power.

However, not everything can be good news and in this case Microsoft is to blame. No one doubts that Microsoft Office is a very important tool on the iPad, however the separation made by the company by screen size makes Office no longer free on the new iPad 2019.

Microsoft Office be paid on the new iPad

Microsoft has a somewhat strange policy when it comes to charging for Office, so you can enjoy these programs for free Your device must have a screen size of 10.1 inches or less. Until now, the affordable iPad doubts Apple keeps the 9.7 inches, so Office was free, however in the new iPad 2019 the diagonal goes up to 10.2, which means that you will have to apply a subscription to use it.

iPad office

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Office is free on all iPhone, iPad mini and 9.7-inch iPad, such as the iPad 2018, but Don't be free on the new 10.2-inch iPad. Just for that little detail, you should pay a subscription of 9.99 euros a month or 99 euros a year. Maybe it's something you should value if you were thinking of buying any of these models.

Buy iPad 2018 Buy iPad 2019

However, it is possible that Microsoft ended up making some exceptions with this new iPadIn the end, it is only 0.1 inches more. Of course, if Microsoft maintains this rule, all these users can continue to use the Apple iWork suite with Pages, Numbers and Keynote.