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Number portability: what are the steps to change your line to Claro, Movistar, Personal or Tuenti without losing your number

The online procedures facilitated the number portability, the process that allows to maintain the line number in the change of mobile phone provider

Numerical portability is the procedure that allows customers of the mobile phone service to retain the line number when changing provider companies. Available since March 2012, the administrative management of this process
was streamlined as of 2017, when applications were implemented online.

In this way, in the first half of 2019
A million and a half users changed their mobile phone company.

How is the online digital portability process

Customers of mobile phone companies can
keep your line number Y
change provider when it is convenient after entering a
online form at the chosen operator, a modality available for two years.

The process can only be initiated by the
line holder with a
prepaid plan (also known as with card) or
postpaid, as they are denominated to the fertilizers with invoice. Necessary
have the ID and the management
has a delay of one day, although it could
extend up to 10 business days for questions related to logistics and the geographical location of the client.

Once the portability process is finished, the service interruption cannot exceed three hours.
There is no operator change limitalthough the
regulation of the National Communications Entity (ENACOM) is a
minimum residence time of 30 consecutive days.

Although ENACOM had authorized an amount equivalent to 100 telephone pulses at the time, the portability process has no cost and is covered by the operators.

What happens if the line has an outstanding debt? The portability process requires that
the client has his account up to date. In turn, the
credit in favor of prepaid lines cannot be transferred to the destination provider.

How to pass your line number to Claro

number portability at the operator
Sure It is done with the loading of personal data on the site The company contacts an alternative number within 24 hours, and then coordinates the delivery of the new Claro chip without charge to the customer's address.

For any questions about the Claro portability process, the company has a contact line 0800-123-CLARO (25276).

How to pass your line number to Movistar

In the case of
Movistar, the trmite of the
number portability it is done from As in all cases, the procedure requires the holder to have their ID at hand. At 24 hours Movistar confirm by email the start of the process and within 48 hours the company confirm by SMS the start date of the service of the plan chosen in Movistar.

Movistar has a telephone service line to assist clients in the process of number portability: 0800-321-7678.

How to pass your line number to Personal

Personal account with the site to carry out the
number portability to its prepaid and postpaid subscriptions. As in all operators, the process is initiated by the holder, requires the ID and has no cost. Once the management has begun, Personnel will contact the client, check their data and send the chip to their address at no cost.

The direct consultation line to check the status of the number portability process in Personal is 0800-555-4632.

How to pass your line number to Tuenti