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New versions of the Motorola Moto G and Moto E with 4G and Lollipop

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<p style=It looked like a pretty quiet Saturday, but there is news that has disturbed it and made it a very interesting Saturday. Thanks to the British store Argos, we can know new things about Motorola and its two new smartphones.

Well, it seems that the store has released two renewed versions of Moto G and Moto E. These versions have been called Titn and Styx respectively. They are two versions with few changes but that comes to be practically the same strategy that Motorola followed with the renewal of its Moto G 2013, when I implement LTE.

This supposed new version of the famous terminal does not bring many changes, really only one. As they already did with the 2013 version, This Moto G will also have its brother with 4G LTE. Apparently the terminal does not have more news and stay in an internal exchange. So all the exterior continue with the same design and materials.

In the Argos page we can acquire the terminal for 159.95 pounds or what is the same, 210 euros to change. A higher price than the current Moto G, but that is understood to be a new model with this improvement.

This will be the first renewal of the Moto E, but that will not remain in a simple network change. Apparently the Moto E Styx will also feature 4G LTE connectivity, but the changes will not stay here, but they will also renew the processor including a quad-core versus the Dual-core that has the current version. Nothing is known about which processor is the chosen one, but to take a little bit the line of his older brother should be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200.

The Moto E, like the new Moto G, changes its price and makes it bigger. We can buy the Moto E Styx for a price of 109.95 pounds, which in turn will remain in about 144 euros. A fairly high price if we consider that the current Moto E can be purchased for 79 euros. It is clear that it is a new version and therefore if it becomes official soon we will see it go down in price.

As we can see two renovations of the two best low-end terminals we can find. Even more so, since they will come with Android 5.0 Lollipop inside. Neither terminal we see them with a photograph, something suspicious. But it only remains to see that this is true and Motorola verify it. Until then we remain a little in doubt.

What do you think of the new versions of Moto G and Moto E?