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Microsoft's Surface Laptop 3 wants to surprise us with its screen and processor

In mid-October last year, the Redmond-based manufacturer presented its new generation of Surface laptops. Later, the Surface Laptop 2, Surface Pro and Studio 2 arrived in Spain. And, as expected, Microsoft is already working on its new generation of laptops. Now, we know new details of the Surface Laptop 3.

Little by little, we are getting to know details of the new generation of Surface laptops of the American giant. And today we are going to talk about the successor of Surface Laptop 2. And, according to the boys of WinFuture, the next convertible of the firm arrive with a surprise on its screen. Yes, we know that the new Surface Pen points ways to stand up to the iPad Pro, and the American firm's laptop doesn't want to be left behind.

Microsoft announces an update of Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2

One of the most outstanding features of this portable Surface, arrives with its measured dimensions. Now, it seems that Microsoft wants the Surface Laptop 3 to grow in terms of dimensions and power. Although, there could still be a version with a more measured screen diagonal.

Surface go

Larger screen and better features for the Surface Laptop 3

In this way, the New Surface Laptop 3 feature a 15-inch screen, in addition to betting on a noticeably more powerful processor. The reason? Its great rivals are launching height solutions to the market, and want to hit the table, to reign again in the portable sector.

And, for this, it will provide the Surface Laptop 3 with an Intel Ice Lake processor, the last generation of processors of the American giant, so that its new laptop is more powerful than ever. That will be a second version with SoC AMD. This model will work with a 12-nanometer processor that knows very little information: its code name is Picasso and be an affordable version. Yes, it seems that we will have the option to buy a Surface Laptop cheap.

As always, we have to take this information with tweezers, since we are facing a leak. Although, taking into account the source of the news, the truth is that the news has enough signs of being real. Of course, the only thing we can do now is wait for Microsoft to present its new generation of laptops, where we can know all the secrets of the Surface Laptop 3 and other models that present. When? Most likely, the next month of October.

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