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Manage your iPhone data

DearMob iPhone Manager

With the passage of time it is very likely that many files accumulate on the iPhone or iPad. Some files that need good management at all times, to avoid losing them or making copies. If we need a tool to help us in this type of case, a great option to consider is DearMob iPhone Manager. A very complete management tool.

DearMob iPhone Manager is presented as a Very comfortable option for users with an iOS device. It is a very complete professional tool that allows you to transfer information from one iPhone to another iPhone, with a large selection of functions, which allows us to manage that device and the data stored in it.

Limited time offer: If you enter the link that you have above these lines, you can download DearMob iPhone Manager and activate it with a license code that you will find on the page (we also put the code below). Activating the application you can enjoy all its features for free.

In addition to the offer, you will also find a discount to purchase the full version of DearMob iPhone Manager with free updates. Finally, there is a raffle to participate and win an iPad 10.2 by making a simple vote.

With this tool we will be able to manage everything related to files and data on the iPhone or iPad. In a way that is simple for us, as well as much more efficient. That is why it is an option of so much interest for many users. What can we do with her?

Manage data with DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is a tool designed for data management and transfer that is on an iOS device, be it the iPhone or iPad. The idea is that we can use it to work with such data, such as making backup copies or transferring said files to another device, as if we changed phones. It has a wide range of functions that make it such an interesting tool. Some of them are:

  • Transfer of photos, videos or music (including playlists)
  • Convert formats automatically (to have files in easier to open formats)
  • File management and deletion
  • Contact management (delete duplicate contacts, backup copies)
  • Preview files in formats such as HEIC
  • Management of photos and photo albums
  • File backups
  • IPhone or iPad data restoration
  • File Encryption
  • Calendar management (import between iPhone and computer, make changes, reminders)
  • Export SMS messages
  • Share pages saved in Safari with other browsers
  • Easy and secure, without the limitations of iTunes or iCloud and without the risk of deleting your data.

These are the majority of the functions we can perform if we use DearMob iPhone Manager. As you can see, It is presented as a complete tool, which presents a solution for all types of users, when working with files on your iPhone. In addition to removing certain barriers, such as working with little known or complicated formats, thanks to functions that make them convert automatically, without losing their characteristics.

Although it offers us a lot of functions, DearMob iPhone Manager is easy to use. It has a simple interface, without too many complications and that we can use in an intuitive way. In addition, its operation is very effective and acts quickly at all times, which is another key aspect in such a tool for users. So you will comply at all times with what we want from her. We download this tool on the computer, compatible with Mac and Windows, and everything will be managed from it on the computer itself.

How to download on iOS

It is likely that many of you have an interest in becoming with DearMob iPhone Manager for your iPhone or iPad. It is a tool that we can download now, although as you probably have already imagined, It is a payment tool. It is a professional tool for which we have to pay if we want to use it with our iPhone or iPad. On the website of the developer you have all the data about payments, as there are various licensing plans to choose from.

Although in all cases, There is the possibility to try DearMob iPhone Manager for free. So you can see if the functions that this tool has to offer are useful in your case, if they fit what you were waiting for and in this way to be able to make a better decision to buy it or not. This tool is downloaded to the computer, compatible with both Mac and Windows and you can get it from the official website of DearMob iPhone Manager.

How to activate the product for free

If you want to try the free version, it is possible temporarily thanks to a code that the company puts at our disposal. In this link you can download this version on your computer, compatible with Windows and Mac as you know. When you have downloaded this version of the program, you just have to enter this activation code for Windows: CCFJP-P2FL2-A6TEK-NBQPX and you can now enjoy these functions at all times. If you have a Mac, you will have to use the activation code CDW4V-N3HCQ-MTAHJ-P3JS3

This is a limited opportunity, so if you thought DearMob iPhone Manager is a program of interest to you, it is a good way to have it on your computer and to be able to enjoy the many functions, as we have shown you above, which it offers us. Very easy to use too.