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Looking for an alternative to Greenify ?, try SuperFreeezZ


SuperFreezZ arrives from XDA Developers and becomes a real alternative Open source to Greenify, that app that helps improve the battery to optimize the use of your mobile resources.

And while there are some voices that keep you close apps in the background it achieves the opposite effect, because they will have to start again, there are others who prefer to have an app that does it automatically. In fact, it is Samsung itself that optimizes the battery by eliminating those apps that are ?hung? there for a while.

Greenify task manager

We enter a hot discussion saying yes or no to a task manager such as SuperFreezZ. Although this can be differentiated a bit from those that are "task killers" and do nothing more useful than removing recent apps from view; which means they don't really "kill" those apps.

Save battery

Thanks to the latest Android updates there are more restrictions running in the background and this means a better use of the resources provided by the system as well as an improvement in the battery. And even with these updates, apps like Greenify are still in the spotlight to the amazement of many.

One of the app handicaps like Greenify (don't miss this other app from the same developer) or even Brevent, is that remain closed to be a software closed. A fact that manages to distance them from what we have today as an open source alternative called SuperFreezZ and that has been created by hcur, a junior member of XDA.

How does SuperFreezZ work?

Practically the operation is similar to Greenify when it works in non ROOT mode. If you need the accessibility services to automate some things in the settings and force the closure of applications, but you can also choose to give it access to the statistics use API so that you can detect which are the least used apps.


SuperFreezZ takes care of close apps that are running in the background And that is our choice. You can also "freeze" the apps you want from settings when the screen turns off and we can even change the time on the days when the app must be inactive to be forcedly closed.

We repeat that although apps in the background are closed, this does not mean that they start again, so you have to know what are the apps indicated for it. One we are using daily would be counterproductive to have to open and close it every two times. What would cause excessive use of the battery of our terminal and is not what we look for when we install an app like SuperFreezZ.

An option to control apps in the background

With this type of apps you have to work it out a bit. That is it's not install it and live life. For nothing, you will have to take a little control and for that yes SuperFreezZ is quite useful. The one that is free and open source puts it in a very special position against the two mentioned and said, and which are the most popular.


If we say that it is open source it means that Your source code is in GitLab, so if you have a little idea of ??programming you will be able to learn about its ins and outs. The fact that it is placed in a repository is already a good sign. Of course, to have it you will have to go through the repository of F-Droid, an app store for those who have not yet received the appropriate permissions to be published.

SuperFreezZ becomes a real alternative to Greenify and that, although we have Android updates with many restrictions, if we are a bit skilled, we can even improve the performance and battery consumption of our terminal. But that said, it will not be as easy as installing and forgetting about it.

SuperFreezZ: Download

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