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Intel use artificial intelligence to heal spine

Intel announced that it is working together with Brown University to create an intelligent interface that allows people with paralysis to recover movement. The project is to use artificial intelligence to restore movement and bladder control for people with severe spinal cord injuries. The project is being supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the US agency responsible for creating new technologies for military use.

The project consists of two teams, one of engineers that the next two years capture motor and sensory signals from the spinal cord; and another of surgeons who will implant electrodes at both ends of an injury to create an ?intelligent bypass?.

Intel created a neural network that runs a series of tools that help communicate engine commands through the bypass and restore functions lost by severed nerves. The initial interface use external computer hardware to interpret the spinal signals. In the long term, collaborators would like a fully implemented system to make the connection.

The research is just beginning and you still have to spend some time to know if it works, especially since part of the research involves discovering new elements about the spinal cord.

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