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Huawei registers HongMeng OS; there are pictures of the Pixel 4 and everything about E3


Angela Lang / CNET

This week we had little information related to Huawei, until it became known that the company was working on the trademark registration HongMeng OS in Latin America. The rumor began with patent information in Peru, and spread to Chile, Mexico and other countries.

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Huawei registers HongMeng OS; we have seen the Pixel 4 and …


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In CNET in Spanish we consulted Huawei about the reason why the company was making this series of records, and we did not get any response. The different agencies have made it clear that the process is in the initial phase, and that such patents have not been granted.

Is HongMeng OS the operating system for everyone? So far rumors say that Huawei use this brand only in China, and that in the West it will be Ark OS, a brand that was also registered in several countries in May. He I veto Huawei in the United States it is reinstated on August 19, so it is likely that until then we do not know more news about this matter.

And this week the unthinkable has happened: Google confirm that the filtered image of Pixel 4 It is real, so we already know that the cell phone will have a small square with three cameras, something that according to the rumors will make it very similar to the iPhone 11. Is this the reason why I confirmed it? The truth is that Pixel 3 There were already hundreds of rumors, so maybe from here to October – when its release is expected – we will know a few more leaks.

Our partner Claudia Cruz was at E3 this week and from there we reported several interesting things: we learned that Netflix made its leap to video games, that there will be a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and that Microsoft could launch Project Xcloud in October.

And to close the week with something sper fun, our editor in chief Gabriel Sama was at Pixar to know details of Toy Story 4 and Patricia Puentes made us an rThat one of the movie that made us the creeps.

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Toy Story 4: How the actors' voices were recorded