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How to watch videos while working with this floating and translucent window for Mac

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Like most people who spend a lot of time in front of their computer, whether to work, go to school or play, jump from one window to another, working and playing with different things at the same time to make my work faster or faster. postpone it more.

One thing I like to have available at all times while working is a small window to play a video, either because it is essential for what I am doing or because I simply want to be entertained. Usually, I just have to cut my web browser window to a small size and put it in one of the four corners, where I can take a look from time to time.

Unfortunately this does not always work, for one of two reasons: it turns out to be too distracting, or it gets dark behind another application, which makes it difficult to see.

Helium helps you with these two problems by allowing you to have a transparent window floating anywhere above all your other applications (even active ones), so you can watch videos without distractions while you work and play on your Mac.

Download Helium on your Mac

Download Helium from the website of the developer Jaden Geller, then unzip the file and move the Helium application to the Applications folder. You may have to adjust the security settings of your Mac to allow unidentified developer applications to open.

View videos in a floating window

Once you open Helium, a small window will appear asking you to go to a web page through the menu bar.

Click on "Location" and select "Open Web URL", then enter the URL of your choice in the address bar that appears, from Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo or any other video streaming site. Technically, you can enter any URL, but Helium is more oriented to video-centric websites.

Once the URL is loaded, play the video. The window floats over all other applications on your computer, be it your web browser, photo editing tool, music player, etc.

To play Netflix videos, you need to have the Microsoft Silverlight downloaded from Safari (which was discarded by HTML5 last year), if you don't already have it. Describe it directly from here.

You can also upload local video files (from your computer) by clicking on ?Location? in the menu bar and going to ?Open File?. Helium offers built-in controls so you can rewind, fast forward and pause the video.

Make Floating Window Transparent & «Invisible»

Use Command + T on your keyboard to make the floating window translucent, at intervals that can be customized through the mens bar.