How to listen to the radio with the iPhone, iPad and HomePod

How to listen to the radio with the iPhone, iPad and HomePod

With the arrival of iOS 13 many things have changed in the iPhone and iPad operating system, and one of them is something that will be very useful for those who enjoy listening to the radio while doing any other task. It is now possible to listen to your favorite station, even local, live and without the need to resort to any third party application.

Within the same Apple Music application we can access almost any local radio station, but this integration is still something “green” and it is not quite easy to do so, so We have made a video in which we explain the little tricks to listen to the radio through Apple Music on your iPhone, iPad and even the HomePod.

The first thing you should check before moving on is that you have your iPhone or iPad updated to the latest version available. If so, then you can open your Apple Music application and access the "Radio" tab. There you will see the Apple Music radios that Apple has created (Beats 1 and similar) but if you scroll down You will see the section "Broadcasting" where conventional stations will appear. The 40, maximum FM, Chain 100… are some of the stations you can see in this section, but they are not the only ones that work. Although they do not appear, you can listen to virtually any station you can imagine.

How do I listen to a station that does not appear in this section? If you use the Apple Music search engine, it will not give you results (curious because in the previous Betas they did appear), but there is a simpler and more direct solution: ask Siri. Tell Siri the station you want to listen to and it will play it immediately. How do I ask? My advice is to say "I want to listen to the radio …" and then the station, and if you want it to be local, from the city you want. If you don't say the word "radio", it may play a podcast, or an Apple Music playlist. With these same instructions you can listen to the radio on your HomePod, something that many had been waiting for a while.

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