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How to earn more XP in Call of Duty Mobile to level up

Call of Duty Mobile It has several game modes. And some are for games longer than others; but in addition to the time, also theXP that we can achieve, at most, for each game. In Battle Royale mode, for example, we can getup to 5,000 XP without even having to win the game. Now, these types of games are not only somewhat more difficult than the rest, but also take longer. The average duration is longer, so we may be more interested in focusing on other game modes that will help us level up faster in the popular shooter.

How to earn XP faster in Call of Duty Mobile to level up fast

What we should not do, if we wantwin fast XP, is to get into qualifying games because getting experience points is more difficult. Usually, this guy will give us less points to add level in the game. So we can get into First Line games as an alternative and, above all, on the Killhouse map. The games have an approximate duration of three minutes and we can get hold of2,300 points from experience.

Two other interesting ways, if we want to win XP fast in Call of Duty Mobile, areTeam Duel with up to 1,800 points andDomain, with games that will add up to around 2,000 points relatively easily. Keep in mind that it is not only about making casualties or winning the game, if we want to get experience points, but we can do additional actions such as the demolition of airplanes.

On the other hand, we can get more experience points for each game if we participate in aclan. At the end of the games we will see that it depends on the casualties, the duration of the game and also that we win, or not. And the last'multiplier' It is precisely this, participation in games with a clan, that give us additional experience points.