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How to delete apps on iPhone with iOS 13

Delete apps on iOS 13

With the release of iOS 13, the Cupertino guys have added a series of new functions that many of us expected. One of the most prominent is the dark mode, a mode that replaces the color white with black, both in the system menus and in applications compatible with this mode.

But it has also come with various aesthetic and functional modifications such as the method to update applications or the way we have to erase the applications that we have installed on our device. Today we show you the latter: how to delete iPhone and iPad applications with iOS 13 / iPadOS 13.

The reason why Apple has modified the method to update or delete applications is unknown, but in the case of the former it is probably motivated to let's activate automatic updates and we always have the latest version of the application available. If you want to delete those applications that you no longer use, you must perform the following steps.

Delete apps on iOS 13

  • First of all, you must hold the icon of the application until a menu of options is displayed.
  • Among the different options shown, we must click on Rearrange Apps.
  • When selecting on this option, the applications will begin to show the typical dance that they have always shown when we wanted to delete some application.
  • To delete a specific application, we just have to click on the X located in the upper left corner of the application and confirm the deletion through the confirmation box that is displayed.

Once we have finished, click on OK, located in the upper right corner of the screen to finish the process that allows us to delete applications if our terminal is an iPhone X onwards. If it's an iPhone 8 or earlier models with Touch ID, we just have to press the Start button to end the process.

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