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how to create a guest account

Sharing the computer can be commonplace, so if you are the owner of it, you should know how to manage the different accounts we have in it To know at all times who has access to your documents and files and who does not.

Therefore, we show you how you can create a guest account in Windows 10, both through the system settings and the terminal itself, as well as the possible utilities that it may have.

Creating the guest account in one step

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While we can create a guest account from the Windows 10 settings themselves, the fastest way to do it it's through the terminal, since with a single command we can carry out the whole process. Once the terminal is open (important to be done under administrator permissions), we have only to enter the following command.


net user guest / active: yes

Ready. Once we have entered the command, if we have administrator permissions, we will see that the user account has been activated. To reverse the process, we only have to change the 'yes' of the command to a 'no', what deactivate said account that we created. However, if we want to create this account manually and, for example, assign a password, we can do so from the Windows 10 settings.

How to share files with nearby computers in Windows 10

Create Windows 10 account

First, we have to go to the 'Accounts' section, in which we will click. Once we enter this menu, click on 'Family and other people'. Once here, click on 'Add another person to this team', and follow the steps indicated by the assistant. Once the process is finished, we will have both user accounts.

How useful is this? Basically, that the people who are going to use our computer cannot make modifications to it, since not being administrators can not install anything or modify anything without our permission and, on the other hand, have a separate space Without access to our folders and personal programs.