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Hidden games on Google that you can try right now

Did you know what hidden games on Google you can try right now? Google has hidden games within its default search.

You can play these games within itselfdefault, without visiting any other site. That means that no annoying firewall can stop you.

Google Hidden Games

These are the fun hidden games on Google that you can try right now.


That's right, you can play a complete solitaire game, right inside Google. It is not necessary to click on any link or download any application.

The single player game works exactly like the classic Windows Solitaire game that you have played on your computer. Match the cards in chronological order, alternating between reds and blacks. The final purpose is to separate each stick.

The interesting part of this version of Solitaire is that it also works great on smart phoness. So you can start it on your phone with a simple search on Google and without installing anything.


There are two more games associated with Windows computers and break time. If you can play Solitaire, how can you leave out the minesweeper?

The animation is different from Windows, since it is the size of the grid. But the fundamentals of the game remain the same. You will get a grid of numbers, each indicating how many mines are in the squares that surround them.Use logic and mathematics to mark some cells as mines and open the ones you think are safe.

You need a mouse to playThis free game on Google. When I tried it with the unctile touch panel, the sensitivity of a click with the left button against a click with the right button often ended in erroneous clicks, and that ended your game in an instant.


How to play: Tic-Tac-Toein Google.