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Google use the Pokmon to teach you how to use the Pixel 4

The Google Pixel 4 they will be official on October 15, and although less than two weeks are missing, as of today we already know practically everything that these teams will have, in addition to how they will look. For that reason we know that one of its main functions is Motion Sense, previously known as Project Soli, and that it is the technology responsible for us to use the phone without touching it.

Several Motion Sense videos have already been leaked, we even know from the start what applications will be compatible with this function, however, because it is a new function, Google wants to launch a tutorial for people to learn to use Motion Sense, and what to do with a Pokmon game that they have created in collaboration with Nintendo.

Obviously it is a short game with which you can use several Pokmon and learn to perform gestures on the screen. 9to5Google has had access to this video and has shown us how to work.

As we can see, the 5 Pokmon that appear in the game have the intention that you learn to perform the gestures in the air from top to bottom or from left to right, because these are the gestures that will help you control other applications, such as silence an alarm, change songs, send a call to voicemail, etc.

This is how Google Pixel 4 looks in real life

The source mentions that the game can also run on phones without Motion Sense, but it does not have much case to use it since to fulfill each objective it is necessary to slide the finger in the screen in the direction that they ask us to do it.

The funny thing is that in addition to being a tutorial game, we will also have relevant information about the Pokmon that appear in the game, such as their species, weight, height, type and ability, so it is a detail that they will value Fantastic Pokmon.

We do not know if the game will be available in the Play Store or if it will be installed in Pixel 4, but on October 15 we will know these details.