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Changes and news of the EMUI 10 of Huawei

Huawei has officially launched EMUI 10 during the Huawei Developer Congress which took place last August 9 in China. Wang Chenglu, President of the Software Engineering Department in Huawei Consumer Business Group, affirms that EMUI 10 It is a pioneer in distributing distributed technology applications to provide a multi-stage experience.

Its development has allowed to get specifically adapted applications to be used between different devices and scenarios, such as audio and video calls, commercial tasks and smart devices in vehicles.

What's new in EMUI 10


EMUI 10 bring three updates, UX design, a complete user experience in all scenarios and is a new standard in terms of ease of use. EMUI 10 Add to your usual coat, a dark mode to offer more visual comfort. Research has revealed that brightness and saturation One color is perceived differently depending on whether it is a light or dark background.

The dark mode optimizes so much the color contrast between texts and dark backgrounds, such as the color of texts and system icons. The final result guarantees visual consistency, comfort Y readability.

EMUI 10 It adopts a revolutionary technology to make possible HD video calls between multiple devices. Users can make audio and video calls when and where they are. In addition, if there is an incoming call, users can choose to answer using a smart speaker.

At work, a smartphone and a computer can share screens in such a way that data can be easily exchanged by dragging and dropping. Such a consistent and fluid experience it is possible thanks to the revolutionary distributed technology.

In the aspect of security …


Huawei always has security in mind. In addition to improving the product experience, it also develops a security system distributed for any scenario, strengthening in depth a defense system through the use of internal hardware and software.

It is also used a chip and core system architecture as a basis for security and trust. Only devices authenticated by the user can connect to other devices of this user, and also, communication between devices is encrypted end to end to ensure absolute security in data transmission.