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Contact : allows you to test accessories in your home with RA

When we want to buy a home accessory, we would love to take them home before paying, just to check how it looks and if it matches our other furniture. Unfortunately that is practically impossible. However, a new augmented reality platform has arrived that joins the group of existing ones, to help us make a decision when buying a piece of furniture, called is an online home retailer that has opted for an RA experience to test and visualize products at home. With the option of ?Preview at home?, the company takes advantage of the ARKitde Apple development platform and promises ?to take users beyond the simple visualization of how a product will be seen in their home?, since now people It can interact (virtually) with various appliances, turn a tap on and off, move handles and much more.

It is a very ingenious feature that allows you to remodel your home with a little more information than you had before. For example, if you are looking to change your kitchen, you can scroll through the Build iOS application and select a tap that best suits your existing accessories. But not only can you "see" how it is appreciated once installed, but you can also play with it, adjusting the temperature of the water (if it is hot, see the steam), changing patterns of water flow and sprinkling, among other things .

Likewise, those who wish to install new lights can check various lighting fixtures, rotate them in 360 degrees or even move them up and down virtually by adjusting a string. In addition, you will have the possibility to appreciate how you can turn these lights on and off, all within the application.

Different finishes can also be applied to suit various aesthetics, and as they are, the AR experience includes products from Delta Faucet, Kichler, Hansgrohe, Progress Lighting, Miseno and Park Harbor.

?Customers have always told us how important it is to touch and feel the products before making a purchase. Now, we have a way to unite that physical world with digital, ?said Dan Davis, chief technology officer at ?Our website offers more than 800,000 products and our goal is to have more than 1,000 available in the function Home Preview".

The application Now available for iPhone and iPad. However, you will have to have iOS 11 and an iPhone 6s or a newer model to take advantage of AR functionality. On the other hand, there is very good news for Android device owners, since very soon an application will come out with technology AR Core.

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