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Bold, italic, strikethrough, underline and more on Whatsapp [15/05/2019]

Not all users know it, but you can put rich text WhatsApp application, that is to say, bold, italic, crossed out, underlined and more In the note we will show you how to do it! (Updated and working 05/15/2019)


How to put rich text in Whatsapp?

He rich text WhatsApp allows users to be included bold, italic, underline and strikethrough text, so that users can communicate in a more visual way.

Crossed bold italics on WhatsApp

You can also perform these 3 same functions in Facebook. Here we show you how to do it!

Bold on WhatsApp

For write in bold in WhatsApp, it is necessary to enter one * in front and another * behind the message you want in bold. An example of the above to write this way will be:

WhatsApp Bold

Italic in WhatsApp

If you want italicize WhatsApp, you must write underscores, that is, one _ before the message and another _ at the end. An example of the above may be:

Italic WhatsApp

Strikethrough on whatsapp

For write a strikethrough text WhatsApp, you must apply a virgulilla or ~ at the beginning of the text and again at the end of it. An example can be:

Strikethrough whatsapp

Underlined in WhatsApp

For people who are interested in write underline in WhatsApp, they should know that this option is not enabled, since for the moment only the function of bold, italics and strikethrough text has been included.

Change the font in WhatsApp

Keep in mind that this is an option that is enabled for version 2.16.179 and 2.16.133 on Android (hereinafter) and with 2.16.6 (Forward) on iOS. To change the font WhatsApp 3 must be included serious accents “ Before and after the text, understanding that this will be useful if you want to send the message with the new typeface called FixedSys.

Change font in WhatsApp

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Can you change the color of the text in whatsapp?

He WhatsApp text color cannot be changed, and apparently it is not a priority for developers to expand the possibilities of using this application.

Can WhatsApp commands be combined?

The bold, italic and strikethrough text on WhatsApp They can be combined without any inconvenience in the texts that are sent within this app. Of course, the only thing necessary in this case is that the instructions in the previous sections are complied with, regarding the correct way of starting and ending a text.

How do you write in bold, italic or strikethrough on iPhone?

There is no difference when writing in bold, italic or strikethrough text for WhatsApp regarding the operating system, so everything is exactly the same on Android or iOS.

How to change the size of the WhatsApp font?

Being on the main WhatsApp screen, locate the button in the upper area with the three points to open the options and access in Configuration. Enter the menu of Chats and finally choose Font size. At this time you will have a menu in which you will be able to customize the font size of the chat on WhatsApp.

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