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BADOO SEARCH | How to search and find people in Badoo

Know all the characteristics of the Badoo search engineIn addition to how to search and find someone, not forgetting a trick to find a person in Badoo by name and surname.

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Badoo search engine

He Badoo search engine It is a tool with which you can search within the social network for a person by name, either to find a friend, a former partner, a relative or a person with whom you want to sand or start a conversation.

With the Badoo search engine it is possible to locate people who are close to the current location from which you are using this social network, in addition to having an alternative to do so through email.

How to find and find someone in Badoo

The Encounters What users use most regularly, is the function of Encounters where random people are shown, to give positive or negative ratings, which in case of a match, allows to establish a contact.

Badoo Meetings

Connected people The usual thing is that the people who appear in this list have too many messages and therefore it is difficult to contact them. Therefore, instead of waiting for a coincidence, conversations can be initiated directly with those people who have known each other before.

Search other people's profile It is an alternative to search and find someone in Badoo, which consists of browsing through each of the profiles that are available within the social network, so that if there is an interest, a conversation request is sent or Add that person as part of the list of people you liked.

Close People It is a function where you must first enter your data and access. With the above, other people will appear on the screen because of their location, they are close to you and therefore it will be worth considering, since there is a certain close in space.

Set up Close People When accessing within the function of Close People there is an option called To show, where different configuration options will be available to establish a more defined search according to the type of interest you have on the people who will be visible within this option.

Search for people in Badoo by email It is a very fast method to find a person in Badoo, which is that you enter the email address of the other person, to invite them to use Badoo. In case you have a profile, you can add yourself as a friend or failing that, you will be told that you can register and then be a friend of yours within Badoo.

Command friends It is the only Badoo search engine that exists with an option to locate people directly. When choosing this function, it is only necessary to enter the person's name, although of course, you must have previously added as a friend.

From Facebook In the tab of friends You can connect your Facebook account with this social network in case you have not done so before. In this way, you can grant the permissions to the platform, to integrate the information of your Facebook contacts.

Search from other social networks Not all social networks from which you can add or search for friends are Facebook, so you can try the same procedure with other social networks enabled.

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How to search and find someone with your name in Badoo?

It must be clear that there is no search engine within Badoo through which the name of a person is entered and can be found, but there is a trick to find a person by name in Badoo.

  • In Google You must type the following command:
    • site: Name Surname

Note that it must be modified Name by the name of the person you want to look for and the same with Last name. Of course if that person has registered with a different name or abused a nickname, it will be much more difficult to locate it in Badoo.

Search by first and last name in Badoo