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Apple stops signing firmware versions prior to iOS 13.1.2

We have a few days with many changes in iOS, we have come to see version releases with bug fixes with just one day apart. And it seems that Apple is putting the batteries polishing all the errors that may contain the latest versions of its operating systems for mobile devices.

And now, following the steps of the last times, Apple has just stopped signing versions prior to iOS 13.1.2, it is over to go back to versions that could contain errors, and why not say it: with which we could jailbreak our devices. Keep reading that after the jump I tell you which versions are left out of Apple firms …

As we say, Apple has just stopped signing several versions before iOS 13.1.2, the most advanced version of iOS for now. And we are talking about the fact that they have stopped signing even iOS 12.4.1, one of the oldest in the previous great version of iOS that could still be installed on our devices by doing a downgrade. To this iOS 12.4.1 is accompanied by iOS 13.0, and iOS 13.1.1. Of course, the version of iOS 13.1 is saved from this blockade released by Apple since at the moment it can be installed on our devices. Old versions for which the new iOS 13.1.2 was released a few days ago, which would take corrections of errors with the battery, Siri, and the controversial total access of third-party keyboards for our device.

Anyway, we have already told you on other occasions, that Apple stops signing old iOS versions is not bad news. In the end it is best to have our devices updated, it is the best way for them to work properly because with each new version of iOS come fixes to previous failures. So yes, stop jailbreaks that will make your devices go crazy and trust the good practices of the boys (and girls) of Cupertino. Enjoy iOS 13.1.2 and all the revisions that are to come.

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