All about the launch of Fortnite season 10

All about the launch of Fortnite season 10

season 10 fortnite seasonMillions of fans threw themselves on the battlefield to enjoy the tenth season of Fortnite, one of the most successful and addictive titles in the history of video games. However, the expected launch of the new season has not been without problems.

After constant complaints, the Epic Games study has been forced to disable a number of functions, as it investigates more about what is happening. One of the initial situations seems to be related to new robotic or mechanical characters, known as mech in english.

The company initially posted a message on its Twitter account that said "mech has been disabled on the Creative and Playground lists, due to a problem with movement speed." Then, in a new post, he said that "due to a problem, the possibility of giving away the Battle Pass on PC has been disabled."

Finally, as more complaints flooded social networks, Epic published the following: “We are aware that some players experience a higher level of hitching and stuttering while they are in the game. We are investigating this and will provide status updates once we have more information. ”

We will keep you informed with the development of this situation, although it is good to mention that none of the problems have been serious enough to affect the game servers, and the Epic service status page still lists all Fortnite systems as operational . In a more recent tweet, Epic invites users to be aware of all the latest updates on its Trello dashboard.


At the gates of watching the anticipated season 10 of Fortnite, Epic Games gave a taste of what we can expect one day before its debut on August 1, publishing a video with a brief preview of the story, in which explosions are seen, space travel and various characters and elements that will surely awaken the expectation of fantastic and curious.

The trailer arrives only a couple of days after Epic published an image of next season that seems to show a mechanical character, which could significantly alter the way in which Battle Royale is played.

Indeed, an image of what appears to be a vehicle or mechanical character, known in English as mech, was published in the official Fortnite Twitter account, with a note that the fans will see on August 1. The mech seems to have two different styles of weapons, since one arm has a double weapon and the other has only one can.

Previously, those who started their games encountered a fight between a sea monster called Kaiju and a giant robot, which was developing right in the middle of the Battle Royale map. The fight ended with the defeat of the sea creature and the mech dancing cmically before taking off into the sky. This left some of the Battle Royale locations in ruins, but not so much to completely alter their appearance as we have seen in previous seasons.

The mechanical robots are not the only thing that Epic Games has been showing to arouse expectations about season 10. On July 28, the Twitter account published an image that seemed to show Dusty Depot, an area that had long been destroyed and replaced by a crter on the Battle Royale map. Since Fortnite's history has addressed all kinds of interdimensional travel and strange scientific phenomena, it will be logical to think that an event that crosses the time barrier is certainly possible.

The most recent full content update in Fortnite was released earlier this month, and commemorated the second birthday of the game. Birthday gifts containing legendary items were scattered across the map, and birthday cakes containing health improvements and shields could also be found.

The main addition of weapons was the Storm Scout sniper rifle, which came with an elegant and futuristic design, but the creative mode obtained the best new content. Sets of films were added, which allow players to organize their own Hollywood productions.

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