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A small Galaxy Note 10? Samsung is working on it

2019 is being a busy year for Samsung. The company is now under more pressure than ever by brands such as Huawei, direct rivals within the Android ecosystem, or Xiaomi, which focuses on the most economical area.

That is why the Koreans are launching very relevant terminals both in the high-end, with the Galaxy S10, as in the average with mobiles such as the Galaxy M20.

But in addition to offering a good value for money they must make users interested in their products for multiple reasons. One of the surprises of recent weeks has been the Samsung Galaxy S10e, a device that we have tried recently and that we liked a lot.

One of the main reason is to be a high-end mobile in a contained size, within the current standards. And it seems that Samsung wants to repeat the play in its second flagship of the year, the Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung works on a smaller Galaxy Note 10

Samsung vs. Apple

This model would be responsible for accompanying the launch at Samsung Galaxy Note 10 a mobile that is rumored to have no physical buttons and will be replaced by pressure sensors such as those seen on some HTC and Pixel.

It is not known the size of this small Galaxy Note 10 but considering that the Note 10 is expected to have a diagonal of 6.7 inches it would not be strange to see a Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Mini or E with 6 inches or more.

This model would not be sold worldwide, only in some markets where it would compete with emerging brands. Specifically we talk about Europe, where Samsung fights not only with Huawei, but with firms such as Xiaomi or OPPO that have been officially settled in our continent for a short time.

The rumors still have to be taken with tweezers since there are still many months to launch these phones but seeing two Note at the same time would be something new for Samsung. nor something unthinkable given that we have seen how in February they presented nothing less than four different Galaxy S10, and all high end.