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A judge takes Facebook to trial for closing the profile of a Valencian horchata company

Normally, when we talk about Facebook and the problems surrounding the company of Mark Zuckerberg, we do it with large cases like 'Cambridge Analytica' that led to Mark Zuckerberg having to testify in the United States Senate or before the European Parliament. However, as we know from El Pas, the company of the social network go to trial at the request of a judge of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community.

The reason has to do with one of the most admired products in that territory: the horchata. Or rather with a company that markets it, Mn Orxata, which demand to those of Zuckerberg to eliminate their profile from the social network without giving explanations and without having warned that it could happen. It is important to emphasize this, because for example on YouTube or Twitter, when some uploaded content goes against the policies of the platform, the user is given a warning that if he continues with such behavior he can be expelled, but it is done Directly as Facebook supposedly did.

Mn Orxata claims 6,000 euros for compensation

Mon Orxataka Image from the blog of Mn Orxata.

The case has more crumb than it seems, because according to Andoni Monforte, founder and owner of Mn Orxata, the closing of the account, whose profile from that moment will read "permanently closed", came accompanied by one of the online sales of 36% in the year in which the closing occurred, 2016. Monforte does not ask for compensation that is disproportionate, but 6,000 euros and that Facebook publicly recognizes that the closure did not have a justified reason. Likewise, it demands that Facebook change the policies of the social network on closing accounts and the way of informing those affected.

The case is of interest to the European Commission, which called Monforte to Brueselas to provide ideas to prevent these situations from occurring

According to Monforte, Facebook did not give explanations even after trying to get them repeatedly. After denouncing the company, she asked the judge to dismiss the complaint because the claims are filed in California, where Facebook's headquarters are. The judge, despite the claim of Facebook continued, because making the complaint in the United States will be a disproportionate expense for Monforte. Last year, Facebook changed its conditions, and now complies with the new European regulations, which stipulate that legal claims must be made in the user's country of residence.

How to set the privacy of my Facebook account to be as public as possible

The funny thing is that the owner of Mn Orxata has moved on, because Facebook reopened the profile in question, although by then the company already had a new one from where it operated. That is, the case is no longer about the account, but Facebook has explanations, which is the current desire of Monforte, with the aim that they do not happen again as the one who denounces.

The trial, which be held on March 5, 2020, not being the first that Andoni Monforte maintains with a large company, because in addition to Facebook, he also maintains a lawsuit with Lidl, which he accuses of plagiarizing Chufamix, a tool he invented to make horchata in homes.

         A judge takes Facebook to trial for closing the profile of a Valencian horchata company


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