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8 more applications from the mens bar that every Mac Power user needs

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Recently we showed you 8 menu bar applications that advanced Mac users should have, which cover applications that allow you to control iTunes, eject units, organize screenshots and much more, all from that small strip at the top of your screen.

But when it comes to the menu bar, we just start scratching the surface. In this follow-up, I will show you another 8 applications of the mens bar that you should definitely check to improve productivity in Mac OS X.

All but one of the following applications are hosted independently (that is, not in the Mac App Store), so they will be a .dmg file. Therefore, you may have to adjust the security settings to allow some of these applications to run.

Depending on the number of applications on your Mac, it is probably a safe bet that you have enough icons on the right side of your menu bar. The bartender, built by Surtees Studios, allows you to tame your wild men bar by hiding some applications, whether from third parties or from the system. If you hide them in the taskbar of the mens bar, you can only see all the applications in the mens bar when you click on the three-point menu icon.

  • Download Bartender (.zip)

2 # See all open iCloud tabs

Since the introduction of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, we have been able to see all the tabs open in Safari from all our devices. For example, on your Mac, you can not only see the tabs you have open in Safari, but also the ones you have open on your iPhone. These are called iCloud tabs.

CloudyTabs, by Josh Parnham, take advantage of this feature so you can see all your iCloud Tabs from the mens bar. Simply click on the cloud icon and all open iCloud tabs will appear on your computer and mobile devices. Then open the account you want.

  • Download CloudyTabs (.zip)

3 # Quickly upload files to Dropbox to share them

Dropbox is my preferred method of storing files in the cloud, so naturally I want to find the easiest way to upload files from my computer. Using the Dropbox application for Mac (through the Finder) is an easy way to upload files, but an easier way is to do it directly from the mens bar.

With Rick Waalders' Dragshare, all you have to do is drag a file to the menu bar and drop it on the Dragshare icon. Once loaded, you will have the option to view or share it, with the link of the file automatically copied to your clipboard.

  • Download Dragshare for Dropbox (.dmg)

4 # Easy access system monitor

Find out more about your computer, such as what applications are using the most battery or how much memory you have left on your hard drive, with Bjango's iStat messages.

You can get much more detailed information about your network, disks, battery, sensors, memory and CPU with a simple click on any of the iStat mens icons that appear in the mens bar. You can also control what information appears, so you do not feel overwhelmed by the statistics you are not interested in seeing.

  • Download the iStat mens (.zip)

5 # Clean junk files from your hard drive

To remove junk files that take up space on your Mac, try Dr. Cleaner from Trend Micro, which shows you files that can be safely deleted from your hard drive. It also optimizes memory every time you close an application that uses too much RAM (we are watching you Chrome), as well as deletes the files associated with an application that packages to the Trash.

  • Install Dr. Cleaner from the Mac App Store

6 # Automatically pause iTunes when disconnecting headphones

When you're listening to something on iTunes and disconnect the headphones, iTunes will continue to play through the speakers, allowing everyone around you to listen to that new Justin Bieber track you've had in repetition. This is the exact opposite of how it works on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Breakaway, by steakknife, solves this problem by pausing the song that plays on iTunes when you take your headphones off the jack. When you reconnect them, your song will automatically resume from where it stayed, just like in iOS.

  • Download Breakaway (.zip)

7 # Reduce eye strain by adapting your screen

The color temperature affects the way the eyes adapt to the screen, hence that slight stinging when you do not look at the screen after a long time of looking at it. Not only can this cause headaches, it can also negatively affect your sleep habits.

Using its current location, f.lux forces your computer screen to adapt at any time of the day, making it light during the day and warm during the night to make it easier for your eyes. Through the mens bar icon, you can set preferences, such as when the screen changes color along with additional color effects on the screen.

8 # Keep track of the time it takes to complete tasks

Keep track of time thanks to Thyme de joaomoreno. In the mens bar, you will get a timer that you can use to control the time it takes to perform tasks such as work or study, as well as anything else that requires a timer.

Through the menu bar menu, you can see all the scheduled tasks, as well as create keyboard shortcuts so you can easily start and stop the timer.

Use these apps from the mens bar to make your life easier and let us know what you use on your Mac in the comments below.

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