You can no longer share links to torrent download sites from Facebook

You can no longer share links to torrent download sites from Facebook

If you have recently tried to share a link to torrents download sites on Facebook, you probably found that you could not do it. The same happens in the Messenger messenger application, when trying to send in a link, Facebook shows you a message explaining that you cannot.

TorrentFreak reported a few days ago that the social network was blocking links to The Pirate Bay, and as we have seen in Genbeta, the block extends to a large number of websites of famous and not-so-famous torrents.

Sites like RARBG, 1337x, Limetorrents, Torrentseek, Torrentz2,, The Pirate Bay and others have been blocked by Facebook for "breaking their community rules". If you try to share any link to these domains or subdomains, be blocked instantly.

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It is not the first time

Messenger Torrents Lock The same message also appears in Messenger

Many years ago Facebook came to block direct links to torrents on TPB during the time when more legal problems faced those of the pirate baha, but some time later the blockade was lifted and it was still possible to share links from Facebook and its apps.

Now it seems that Facebook has resumed these measures with strength and has also expanded them to a wide list of torrents websites. Now it's not just direct links to torrents, but all URLs.

If you know any that we have not mentioned, do the test yourself and share in the comments to give us all a better idea of ​​the extension of the block.

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