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Windows 10 will allow you to replace Cortana

Cortana came to Windows 10 promising to be one of the pioneers in the field of smart assistants, but the truth is that over time it has been quite overshadowed by applications such as Google Assistant, Alexa and even Siri.

Come on, maybe as a server you ever set Cortana to use it on your computer, but after this you almost never used it. Personally, it always seemed annoying to me that you could not configure a browser and search engine to taste, you had to forcefully use Edge and Bing.

The use of alternatives to Cortana is allowed in Windows 10, but voice recognition is limited for Cortana only since for another assistant you have to press a keyboard button or click on some icon on the screen.

Given all this, some people members of the Microsoft Insiders program have reported a code integrated in the latest versions for testing the operating system. IsSystemCortanaReplaceable and IsSystemCortanaReplaced are the descriptive names to make calls to the system API to know if Cortana is replaceable or has already been replaced.

In addition to this and to be more graphic, an image is attached in which you can see the configuration of third-party applications to be used through voice commands.

At the moment Google Assistant and Siri are discarded from the list since they do not have versions for said operating system so Who could take advantage of this feature will be Amazon Alexa. Although it should not be ruled out that once this function is official at the same time the official versions of the first two for Windows 10 are released.

What do you think of this data? They will like it? Which assistant do you use most? Do not forget to leave your answers in the comment box, your opinion is very important to us.

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