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Ubisoft teaches how not to make a game with The Mighty Quest


These weeks ago we used these lines to demonstrate what should not be done in a game with advertising. But we are here on top of the highs with Ubisoft's The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Let's say that they gather in the same game all the most hated practices of monetization that have been done today from a mobile. An applause please.

And look they have a great excellence in visual style to leave us in many stunned moments. But what has been a pleasant experience in PC has been totally ruined by taking it to our phones to try to get us out of our boxes and uninstall the game in minutes; Well, a few more to be able to review this game.

Ruining experiences

We have already talked about two games that have been cured so much that in the end we have uninstalled them. That they put an advertisement behind another without notifying them in their description of the game; because it is false information that they put. I mean, I describe my game, I talk about what it is, and I do not say that you are going to eat an advertisement behind another for all the nose …

The Mighty Quest

In The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot they have all those practices in the same game. From the energy so you have to wait to play until that full-fledged Pay To Win is an insult to any player. That is, the difficulty of the game does not adapt to your normal progress, but there will come a time when you will begin to die once behind another before enemies that will have a lot of life, will give hosts like bread and will leave your skull throbbing on the ground.

That is, if you do not go through the box to open loot boxes. Yes, yes, the damn loot boxes here they are too, how could Ubisoft not put them in this mobile game in which there are whales that will drop hundreds of euros? Since we are not all whales but simple humans, we cannot unlock those loot boxes every bit, but we will have to wait. And be waiting to be able to face enemies and final bosses, of course … Passing that is gerund.

A visual style that is worth it

The only thing that saves The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is the visual style used. I don't even want to imagine the designer's face when you have seen what they have left the game that has given color and a series of nuances that elevate it to other mobile games. But what has been said is the only thing that saves him.


And see that as you go along you find that the maps are a bit longer. Although it is not that they are extensive, but that they will vary in the number of floors and that they are a bit convoluted to end before a series of final bosses or an animated group of enemies that will want to make you come back to the welcome screen where those loot boxes are the quintessence of current gaming.

For the rest, this Ubisoft game has all that to improve weapons, collect shields and those skills with which to break into the enemy. But what was said, if you have a card you can progress properly, while the rest of the mortals will be thinking "what hosts do I do in this game?"

Not so, Ubisoft


Is it so almost insulting the players we throw games from a mobile and we are looking for similar experiences. That there are them on Android like the great Stardew Valley. But let these big names break into these games and bring the worst of the worst of many others. It is not to buy them a game in life anymore.

Little more to say about this Ubisoft game attempt called The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and that is very sad. We almost finished here and we will quote you for the following review. We did not want to leave the opportunity to show how the gaming experience is ruined from a mobile. What a tutorial we have marked …

Editor's Opinion

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

  • Editor rating
  • 1 star rating


  • Loot boxes
  • Pay to Win in full rule
  • Repetitive

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