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To shake the skeleton! How to get the skin Major Lazer in Fortnite

After several days of rumors and leaked images, finally on August 22, Epic Games began its collaboration with the electronic dance music major Lazer, following the steps of previous events such as its Marshmello concert. You will have access to an incredible special skin of Major Lazer and you will not want to miss it. Here we explain how to get the skin of Major Lazer in Fortnite.

Major Lazer in Fortnite

When can you get the skin?

The Fortnite store was updated on the afternoon of Thursday, August 22. From that moment you can acquire it.

What is its cost?

The skin of Major Lazer costs 1,600 V-Bucks (its virtual currency), that is, around $ 16 dollars. V-Bucks can be purchased in packages of 1,000, so you have a little left over to spend on other digital gifts. You will probably find other items related to Major Lazer to complement your purchase.

What is your appearance?

The skin of Major Lazer is not based directly on the members of the group, but on an animated series they produced a few years ago. With his beret and dark glasses, you will look like a leader ready to kick butts, with some microphones attached to your chest. It has a vibe like eighties action film that we love.

What else is there?

If you are looking, you will discover some more things that you can get besides the skin. Among them, there is a dance, luxury accessories for the back and a peak. We are not going to lie to you: the dance will make you vibrate when you see it.

Obviously, you can not miss anything if you want to presume that you are a true Major Lazer fan. However, some things may be somewhat expensive, so make sure you don't miss V-Bucks if you plan to buy everything. And if Marshmello's skin is a sign of something, you might receive some free special extras later.

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