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This is the five most read news of the week

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This week has been very particular, between the preparations for Thanksgiving Day dinner and the reception of your relatives who come from other cities to share, you probably have not had time to catch up on technology news.

If you are one of those people, do not worry, because today we bring to you a summary where you will know the five most read technological news this week in Digital Trends in Spanish, with which, you can know and know the last thing that has happened in the world of technology, without being left behind.


Black Friday, the definitive list

Black Friday discounts

In this article you will know a wide and detailed list of the best technological products that you can find with incredible offers in the most popular stores in the US for Black Friday. You are still on time to review this list and take advantage of a good promotion of that product that you have wanted so much.

Edit, sign and save your documents with these PDF file editors

PDF editing program

Over time, the untouchable PDF files went down in history. Now you can use a series of programs to edit these files when necessary. Although there is currently a huge list of hundreds of PDF file editors, in this article you will know the best free alternatives and with Premium software.

Apple fixes some iPhone X errors with iOS 11.2


The iPhone X is the flagship of the Apple company that arrived on the market with new physical, operational qualities and the new iOS 11 software. However, Apple has been in need of several updates to quickly correct certain problems. Here you will know how iOS 11.2 has been one of the best options to solve several details.

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This is the five most read news of the week
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