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the tablet with roller screen that many of us dream


MagicScroll: the future of tablets are roller screens?

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September 17, 2018

LG Flexible Screen

Flexible screens have been on everyone's lips for quite some time. We have seen incredible prototypes shown in different technology fairs, and although they always start admiring comments, in the end the question is always repeated: Will we ever see them really in the hands of the public? Of course the idea of ??MagicScroll could well be that.

Researchers at Queen's University in Ontario have designed a prototype of device with folding screen similar to a scroll of parchment. It's about the baptized as Magiccroll, which was shown earlier this month at the MobileHCI 2018 conference held in Barcelona and that the same works in a cylinder format that unrolled as a tablet.

His approach is quite curious, since it has a kind of «Base» with circular controls to the sides that act like wheels and that move to make scroll with both the collected and unfolded screen – calm, watching the video that you have a little below you will get a better idea since it is shown using the LinkedIn social network application as well as receiving a phone call, to name two example actions.

As for the panel itself of the team, we talk about «One screen» of 7.5 inch OLED type, multitouch and with a resolution of 2,160 x 1,920 pixels. And we quote it because MagicScroll has trick: it is actually made up of two joined LG screens (the same ones that mount the LG G Flex 2 – do you remember? -) of 5.5 inches each, which are attached to a cylindrical body, printed, by the way, in 3D

Inside you will find two plates with Android installed (Android 5.1 Lollipop version), three lithium-ion batteries (two of which have 600m Ah and are for the system, while the third, a 300 mAh battery, dedicates its energy to the wheels on each side of the roll), and other typical components of smartphones and tablets.


Perhaps the idea could even have potential. Of course, not so much as a device that replaces a smartphone, but rather as a team that manages to present a different alternative and striking to the current tablet offer – every time more in disuse -, considering a team that can be used with a more compact view (when rolled up) or as a large screen device (in deployed mode). At most we would propose to eliminate its unsightly side wheels, which give the whole a very rudimentary touch.

Flexible screens: the eternal promise

As we said at the beginning of the article, the flexible screens that can be rolled up have been showing for years and always promise that they will arrive and then never do. It is true that it's time manufacturers like LG made their first steps in this field, but they are still not those futuristic panels that we all dream of.

samsung flexible screen

Now the big bet for flexible screens would be in the hands of Samsung and Huawei. Both companies are making a lot of noise in relation to this type of panels and not long ago we told you precisely what each company seemed to be up to. Samsung wants to be the first to hit the table and he has even dropped that his first phone with flexible screen will arrive in November of this year. Heels Huawei heels, which is rumored to also have an ad scheduled within two months, launching a product that would be marketed in selected markets with a view to see if the idea really works and it is worth continuing to invest in it. Even Sony would be involved in this game, although for now its rumored flexible phablet He has not seen the light as some predicted.

And you, what do you think of flexible screens? Do you expect (or do you want) to be the new boom of mobile telephony?

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