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The Samsung Galaxy Home Mini starts the beta program

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Smart speakers have become one of the devices that is increasingly common to see in the homes of many users, whether to listen to their favorite music, control home automation, know the weather forecast or the latest news … Amazon was the first to see the future of this market.

Gradually, the rest of the manufacturers have followed in their footsteps. Google and Apple also have intelligent assistants at their disposal that allow us to perform this type of action. Although Samsung had officially presented its commitment to this sector, Galaxy Home, It still does not offer any device in the market. But there is very little left.

Last May, Samsung got the FCC approval for the Galaxy Home Mini, a reduced version of the Galaxy Home and with a completely different design. Three months after obtaining approval from this agency, according to TizenHelp, Samsung has started the betas program for the Galaxy Home Mini in South Korea exclusively.

Samsung Galaxy Mini

The Galaxy Home Mini offers us a rounded shape with a flat bottom ideal for placing on flat surfaces. Although the shape is very different from what the Galaxy Home shows us, if it shares the blue mesh that surrounds the device, so as not to differentiate it in excess of its older brother.

The information page of the Samsung test program states that Samsung's smart speaker will be able to control appliances and connected devices through the voice assistant Bixby. In addition, it includes the sound technology of the AKG company, so we can expect a much better sound than we can find in models of similar size from Google and Amazon.

South Korean users can register for the betas program before September 1. As the only requirements, Samsung requires the user to have a Galaxy smartphone and have the Samsung Members app installed in your terminal. If the betas program is on track, it is likely that the Korean company will launch this terminal to the market before the end of the year, to take advantage of the pull of Christmas shopping.

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The Samsung Galaxy Home Mini starts the beta program
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