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The NFL changes its social media policy again – Digital Trends Espaol

In October, the National League of American Football (NFL) decided to restrict the use of social networks to their teams, stating that they could receive a fine of up to $ 100,000 for making some type of publications during the game. Basically, the teams cannot publish anything on their own, nor do they do any kind of live broadcasts through Periscope, or the like.

Specifically, they must wait for the "official" NFL media to do so. The NFL thus sought to have absolute control of all the content that was developed in the stadiums, content that will only be published on the official NFL platforms.

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The NFL has long been known as the "No Fun League" for fans, who complained that it was too strict in things like touchdown celebrations, for example. The teams even had to use their humor and creativity to be able to publish what their followers wanted to see:

The NFL Players Association spokesperson noted this:

Now it seems that the NFL has seen the light. Yahoo Finance obtained a memo that the League sent to the member clubs, detailing the updated procedural changes, which come into effect immediately. They apply to highly popular platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope and YouTube.

The memo says that the changes are consistent with the objectives we have discussed with the clubs, including the growth of the presence of the NFL and its clubs in social networks. The truth is that the reaction of the fans and the media was a headache for the NFL, and sooner or later they had to embrace these new contents, since it does not seem that social networks will disappear in the immediate future. Not for nothing, even Twitter broadcasts live matches.

The new updated policy also highlights a test agreement ?between the NFL and Giphy. Indeed, until June of next year, Giphy will be the official provider of GIFs in the league.

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The NFL has also changed the regulation on the number of videos that a team can publish in a game day, going from 8 to 16. Yahoo Finance says that they can upload images during the halftime, photos from outside the court (where they are located coaches and other players), fan photos, and the like. TD celebrations are allowed, but not the images of the game itself. In other words, if the rookie star of the Cowboys, quarterback Dak Prescott, can score in a 5-yard run, he can only show it to him with the ovoid in his hand, or later, doing some kind of celebration for the touchdown

However, TechCrunch says teams can now post five ?snapshots? of live action on Snapchat. Previously, do not allow them to publish anything. () And whether intentional or not, this rule makes Snapchat the only place where live game sequences can be viewed, outside of a television, GIF or video broadcast created by the NFL itself.

With the league having problems rating on TV, something had to be done to correct this situation. He streaming and social networks are the platforms of the present and the future, and it was time for the NFL to understand it once and for all.

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