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The new incognito mode of Google Maps is not as private as you think

Google Maps for Android

During the Google I / O of this year, one of the main novelties that the Mountain View firm showed us is that its application of maps, Google Maps, finally have a private mode or also called incognito.

This incognito mode that was already in other services such as Chrome and YouTube, and that can already be activated in Maps, in principle what would allow was to use the services without registering the activity just activate the hidden mode by touching the profile image in the upper right corner.

Well, as we are informed from the middle of The Register; no, the incognito mode It is not as private as we initially created.

Incognito what is said incognito …

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According to Google's own words, when activating the incognito mode in Maps, our activity and the places we are looking for will not be stored in our account. Something quite useful but you were right, indeed not everything is as beautiful as it was painted at first.

Incognito mode work partially, that is, to prevent Maps from saving the activity but not to prevent other websites, network operators and service providers from tracking our use of the app. In short, Google services will always capture the data of our location regardless of whether we give them permission or not, which allows us to sell such data to third parties.

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The funny thing came when Google was asked how it could affect the incognito mode in case the authorities requested the location history. According to the large G, it will not be possible to provide the data of a device that uses the incognito mode but since it is a specific function of a specific device, nothing prevents you from providing this same data from another device with the same account. Done the law done the snare.

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