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The 5 best applications to squeeze the Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The so-called smart bracelets are here to stay. And one of the best devices of this type is the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. So if you have one of these smartbands, we have good news for you. Since in this post we will introduce you the 5 best apps for you to get the most out of your Xiaomi Mi Band 3. You can not lose this!

My fit

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We cannot start this list in any other way. And is that the official Xiaomi app for the Mi Band 3 offers you a wide variety of functions. This software is, perhaps, the one that best suits the device to squeeze it to the fullest. However, it has some limitations in relation to other apps of its style.

The application records all your activity: walks, jogs, bike rides and more. It also has a function to control your dream. It also offers training routines to keep you healthy and fit. It is undoubtedly the most recommended app to manage the functions of the Mi Band 3.

My fit My fit

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

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This is one of the best alternatives to the official Xiaomi application. This app will allow you to receive your notifications on your smart bracelet in an original way. And is that You can customize the color of your notifications and have a filter to receive alerts only of the most important things. It also offers different types or levels of vibration. You can also act as an alarm clock in the morning.

The application will keep all your exercise routines monitored. It also has a heart monitor to control your heart rate. And best of all, this monitor works without having the phone near your Band. In addition, the app has a system for analyzing and monitoring your body weight and your dream.

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

Google Fit

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The wonderful Google Fitness app is also compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Band. This is one of the best health and wellness apps you can find. He has even collaborated with WHO and the American Heart Association to find the best results for people's health. The app has two main objectives, the so-called Active Minutes and Cardio Points.

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With Active Minutes, the app tries to prevent users from leading a sedentary life. While with Cardio Points you can control your heart rate depending on the activities you do. It also recommends physical activities that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Recently, this application has received improvements and an update in its interface.

GoogleFit: activity and health tracking GoogleFit: activity and health tracking

My Band Master

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This is another fantastic app compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. It is one of the most complete applications for smart bracelets. It has a very friendly interface and an exceptional design. In its recent update new features and improvements in its appearance have been incorporated.

With this app you can register your steps and have a sleep analysis to get a better rest. You can also have a real record of your heart rate. You can also customize all the notifications you receive on your Band 3 and even use it as an alarm clock.

Master for Mi Band Master for Mi Band

My bandage

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This app is a complement of Mi Fit. That is to say, requires the installation of the official Xiaomi application to work. But once both applications are installed, you can enjoy new options such as viewing the status and time you have left of autonomous, recording missed calls, personalizing caller IDs and notifications and much more.

So do not wait any longer and complement Mi Fit with this wonderful application by downloading it through the following link.

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