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Sony works a digital assistant that will come to PlayStation

The attendees they are increasingly present in electronic devices. It all started on smartphones, but later other products, such as Smart TVs or computers, have benefited from this option that aims to make life easier for users. Well, it seems that Sony works on news about it that will even reach PlayStation.

To date, everything that has to do with the attendees, whether they are voice or not, in the game consoles has not had a really high importance. And it is curious, since they are widely used devices and it is not a bad idea that these tools arrive to make more simple that those who have the most powerful can from starting a game without having to touch the command – or simply play multimedia content as comfortably as possible. And, this is the idea that the PS4 manufacturer has.

The fact is that it seems that Sony intends to carry in its products, and one of them are the PlayStation, a own digital assistant and in this way match what other companies offer, for example Samsung with Bixby or Microsoft with Cortana. That is, from what has been known, everything that has to do with the option for PlayStation be different than usual and with own options for the console. Thus, for example, this development is not limited to indicating the weather in a particular place or creating a reminder, since one of the essential functions is to be the help with the games That are running. And, this, will make you be completely differential.

Lenas of the PlayStation 4 Pro

How Sony's digital assistant for PlayStation will work

So, for example, you can offer help when players They fail to pass some level that is complicated by consulting the servers that the Japanese company enables (using it from text to the voice itself, the latter being the most efficient). The answers will be quick and could go from the complete solution of the problem to leaving clues that should be followed. Therefore, we are talking about a service – called PlayStation Assist – which can be the most interesting since, in addition to improving the use of all the options offered by current consoles, it will be integrated in a very positive way in everything it has to do with him gaming.

Sony PlayStation Assistant

Everything comes from a patent as we have seen before, and what seems certain is that for the assistant to be a reality, more powerful hardware is needed than what the PlayStation 4 currently offers. As, it is not ruled out that Sony's first console with digital assistant is the PS5 Everything indicates that it does not take long to reach the market. Of course, it is unknown if using this new help from users will have an additional cost for the use of this service that It will help a lot to be different to the competition