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So you can end your device in beta version

When Apple presents a new version of your operating system, whether for mobile devices or for your computer equipment, many people throw themselves like crazy in an unbridled adventure for try all the news offered by the American company. I, as a good representative of this guild of impatient, had the great idea of ??getting fully involved with all my devices. Now, after some other error, rectifiable and less problematic than I expected, I want return to a stable version of Apple software. How is this one? doubt that can be solved Quickly, I leave you the simplest method I have found.

I imagine that, if you followed the steps to the letter, when you wanted to install iOS 13 on your device, or Catalina on your computer, you had to install a developer profile to enter the betas program. Now all you have to do is get out of it. If you are in front of you iPhone, the first thing you should do is access the Settings, enter the tab general and go down almost at the end, where indicated Profile. Once inside, click on the iOS 13 profile and click on Delete Profile. Ask you for your unlock code and, once again, to confirm the removal. Reboot the device and you're ready.

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You must follow the same procedure if you want to uninstall the profile on your iPad. In the case of Apple watch, access the Settings and enters the tab general Y Profiles. Click on the profile indicated watchOS Betaclick on Delete Profile, confirm the removal and reboot. If you have a Mac, you must access the System preferencesclick on Software Update and, in the lower left, click on Details … In color blue. Now, you must click on Restore by default, confirm and restart the computer.

Finally, you should keep in mind that your device will not automatically exit the beta version until I have no other official version what to install So you should access the system settings and look for official updates. In case you have any, it is the most normal, you just have to install it and leave behind the days of tests, errors and lack of compatibility. I hope you found it useful and that you continue to venture into the world of Apple betas.