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RAZER introduces new PS4 command line

The great brand Razer has announced the official launch of two new controls for PS4 consoles with official license of the brand, these are named Razer Raiju Ultimate and Raiju Tournament Edition.

The purpose of these new controls is to meet the advanced sper needs of a whole gamer of this console, the new models that have been presented by the company which have different characteristics and even specifications.

Razer Raiju Ultimate

Starting with this, it is designed as an all-time modular assembly, it has wireless connectivity as well as cable, with improved ergonomics and of course a large number of options for modification, without a doubt this is the incredible command for gamers.

Among more features this has a mobile application which allows advanced customization in a very simple way, also the buttons can be mapped depending on the user's configuration, has RGB LED lighting and synchronized the vibrations of the control and even with other movements of the buttons.

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

Also on the other hand we have this version which focuses only the essential functions for a common gamer, you will have wireless and cable connectivity enjoying an ergonomic design and interrupted accessibility, this is strategically positioned to promote a competitive advantage.

Razer Thresher headphones for PlayStation 4

As an extra, the company has also presented the special headphones for this console which provide comfort and control to generate a listening experience of every gamer to enjoy without a doubt a Hi-Fi Audio.

As features, this has a wireless connection and also a cable connection, as for the wired connection, these can last up to sixteen hours on a single charge, it has volume controls and even a microphone for a coexistence with other gamers.

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