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Protect Mam against internet threats

Remember that we are in the month of the Mothers and there is nothing better than supporting and helping these beautiful people to take away the risks they may have on the internet, there is a revolutionary movement known as Time is up which aims to end the abuse and to meet women and that is that this is not only the most famous actresses in Hollywood but also is directed towards the whole world.

There are predatory people on the internet that when they find an open door to enter people's lives is where they attack, surfing the internet turns out to be fun and finding new developments with days and even finding information that can help them either in tasks school supplies for your children or other personal tasks.

Thanks to Vctor Medina manager of Norton, he has shared some special recommendations to reduce any risk that could harm Mothers and even women when surfing the internet either through any device.

  • Be careful with what is downloaded to the computer, you must ensure that the program or application is useful as well as verify that it is original and from the company's developers.
  • Before accepting the terms you are totally safe in any free application at the time of installation to protect the device, read the agreement carefully as well as the handling of information that this application can execute.
  • Be careful with links that can be received through social networks so being more careful in SMS messaging and whatsapp, many links they share direct to some malicious site that can infect the device and even access personal information.
  • Do not accept friend requests from strangers as well as for any reason share personal data with strangers or leave personal social networks exposed or visible.