Nueva actualizaci├│n de Google Play Services con interesantes novedades

New update of Google Play Services with interesting news

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At Google I / O of this year, we realized one thing and that is that the package of Google Play Services is updated every six weeks. And today, the fundamental piece of Android has been updated to an improved version with some tweaks that at first glance are not notable, but that serve to make life easier for developers.

The other changes that have been conceived are very striking since they have renewed some user interfaces. We can start with the application Google settings, which incorporates aheader restored.The following has beenGoogle Play Game,which now allows us to choose how we want to have our profile, public or private. And apparently they wanted to continue modernizing the app, because there are more news. And is that, in the header they have added a game search bar so you can start them faster and on the Achievements screen, they have given a touch of Material Design that feels great.

The update also includes Drive API improvements, to resolve the conflicts that there are many times between local and server files.The Google Drive interface, of course, has also been modified.

And finally, Google has introduced a Google Fit preview, so that developers can Install your fitness apps on any Android device. But this is not all, because they have reported that more APIs will be updated.

And if you are one of those who cannot wait for this update to arrive on your smartphone, thanks to Android Police, we have exclusively for you the APK, which you can download in any of these two links.